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“Life: A Better Choice” is an educational advertising campaign sponsored by Lutherans For Life of South Dakota. We would like to continue to broadcast, on statewide television, a series of ads that deal with important life issues honestly, but sensitively and tactfully.

  • to encourage individuals and to influence our culture to make a better choice when it comes to life issues.
  • to create an awareness of the mission and work of Lutherans For Life.
  • to share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ with those who are experiencing the guilt and despair associated with past sins related to life choices.
  • to raise $50,000 each year, which could purchase more than 7,500 ads on statewide broadcast television.


These links will open a new window in YouTube. 

Norma - The dignity of all human life.

My Hero - There are no unwanted children.

Window - See what you've been missing.

Stem Cell - Learn the facts today.

Painful Truth - My baby could feel.

Humane Humanity - We are all God's children.

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